Our Feature in 10/12 Magazine

Crisis Management and Prebula Public Relations, LLC are the cover story for the latest edition of 10/12 Industry Report (Q1 2019). This award-winning publication features news, data and insight on industry and construction throughout south Louisiana from shipping, oil & gas, petrochemicals, fabrication and environmental services. 

A special thanks to Jon Manns, Terri Ammerman, and Cindy Nassar for their expertise in dealing with a crisis. Also, thank you Sam Barnes for an excellent story.

To read the story in its entirety, please click here.

Manage Your Company’s Risks

Every organization has to manage risk whether it be actual, perceived or potential. Risk to employees, communities, customers, health care, patients, environment and/or assets. Once a risk has been identified and the community becomes aware of it — often through the media — it must be managed effectively to avoid panic and/or fear. 

Let us help you identify risks in your organization and manage the media through our media spokesperson training.